OBL  Legacy Line OBL Oil Furnace
Greater Efficiency in Oil Furnaces
Our OBL series of oil furnaces deliver higher, up to 86.6 AFUE% gas heating efficiency, and are even smaller than the previous Bryant models. Perfect for low-clearance installations, these compact, “low boy” oil furnaces deliver years of trouble-free heating for your home.

Condensing Boiler

This is an example of the latest technology in home heating. A condensing boiler with a domestic water heating storage tank. This gives the maximum amount of heat and hot water with the least possible energy bills. We have great testimonials of these applications as well.

Current Heating Oil Price $3.049 per gallon

Minimum Delivery 125 gallons

HVAC Service

A Ductless Mini-Split air conditioner, requires one single three-inch hole be drilled in your wall. The indoor unit mounts directly to a bracket that is secured to the wall and completely hidden once the unit is installed high up on your wall, usually out of your normal line of sight.

One of the challenges for heating and cooling systems is a sunroom. They represent significant challenges as they have their own unique "climate" - hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Installing a dedicated system can turn the sunroom into a room that can be used 365 days of the year with the ductless heat pump system.

Hot Water Zoning

This is an example of hot water zoning. Most people like cooler temperatures for sleeping and warmer areas for living spaces but it can be adjusted to any specifications you choose!

Hybrid heat Pump

Hybrid heat pumps can be the best of both worlds.  The heat pump is efficient at mild temperatures while the gas or oil furnace is more efficient in colder temperatures.  We have great testimonials of people who have enjoyed having this system.  Air conditioning is also an added benefit of this heating system..

The best way to reduce fuel consumption in your home is to upgrade to high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment and then keep it properly maintained. Let us help you with that process!

Our highly trained technicians perform precision installations so that every new system achieves optimal performance they will also service and maintain your equipment so it continues to keep your family comfortable and safe.

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